Integrated CAM for SolidWorks

HSMWorks is designed from the ground up to work inside SolidWorks, providing a logical extension of the parametric SolidWorks assembly environment into the CAM world. Experienced SolidWorks users will feel right at home working with HSMWorks and will be able to create high-quality toolpaths within minutes.

New users will benefit from the comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD capabilities of SolidWorks mechanical design solutions and quickly extend any knowledge gained to the CAM process, resulting in improved design quality and reduced product development time

Best in Class Toolpaths

HSMWorks is designed to generate the smoothest toolpaths possible resulting in reduced machining time, improved surface quality, less tool wear and extended machine tool life. HSMWorks features innovative toolpath strategies, like Adaptive Clearing, that typically reduces roughing time by a factor of 4 or more compared to conventional roughing, and increases tool life by as much as a factor of 10 depending on material hardness. HSMWorks includes all of the conventional machining strategies including parallel, contour, pocket, scallop, radial, spiral and pencil familiar to most CAM users. HSMWorks takes these strategies further by generating smooth linking moves that reduce machining time and increases tool and machine tool life.


Modern Architecture

HSMWorks utilizes the latest technologies including native 64-bit support for users of the 64-bit version of SolidWorks resulting in superior performance, especially when working on large or complex designs. HSMWorks is designed to take advantage of the latest workstation technologies including 4 - 24 core systems. Multi-processor/multicore support dramatically speeds generation of complex toolpaths and is beneficial not only when generating multiple operations or rebuilding complex parts after a design change, but also when generating a single toolpath. Users are able to continue working inside SolidWorks while toolpaths are calculated in the background due to HSMWorks' advanced task manager capabilities.


Distributed CAM

The HSMWorks Distributed CAM server enables users to respond even faster to design changes, by automatically utilizing idle PCs on the local network to reduce toolpath calculation time. Distributed CAM is automatically used by HSMWorks when installed on selected PCs and requires no additional setup or interaction from the user.